The Brewery

The Brewing Process

The 10 ales, lager and stouts that we produce are all bottle-conditioned. This means that the secondary fermentation of each beer happens in the bottle, so each is a real-ale in a bottle. We can achieve this because all beer is brewed and bottled by hand.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Once the initial barrel fermentation has completed, we are ready to bottle.
  2. The bottling is all by hand, which allows us to add a dosage of corn sugar before capping. This priming is similar to the method used to create Champagne and other sparkling wines. The corn sugar provides additional nutrients to the yeast still present in each bottle, which kicks off a secondary ferment. Over time, this gives each ale its natural sparkle and helps to develop more complex flavours.
  3. The bottles are carefully stored in a warm environment until the secondary fermentation is complete, at which point the beers are moved to a cool and dark ageing room.
  4. Now for the best part…each week after the bottles have been moved to the ageing room, we sit down and taste a sample of each, judging how the beer is maturing, carrying out a third gravity test to check the alcohol levels and of course checking that it is as good as it should be. Very arduous this last stage!
  5. If it gets all our thumbs up, the beer is ready for sale.
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